Saturday, 28th February 2015

RPP-N Chair Kamal Thapa, Speaker Nembang engage in verbal duet

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RPP-Nepal Chairperson Kamal Thapa and Speaker Subash Nembang have come across an altercation in a meeting of the Legislature-Parliament on Tuesday.

Thapa was allowed to speak for 10 minutes in the rostrum, as he presented a proposal on the problems seen due to the absence of local bodies’ election under the topic of public interest issues.

Speaker Nembang signaled Thapa that he has crossed the allotted time.

“Mr Lawmaker, you have already crossed the 10 minutes time and now it is 12 minutes. Complete [your statement] fast,” the Speaker told RPP-N Chair Thapa.

In reply, Thapa asked for more time to complete his statement against the Speaker’s ruling to leave the rostrum.

“Why can’t I speak? The Speaker must not be a dictator,” Thapa said. Following his denial to leave the rostrum, the Speaker then instructed the House’s protocol officers to cut the line of Thapa’s mic.

“Based on which rule, you have cut my mic?” Thapa said and left the rostrum without presenting the proposal.

Following the heated argument, the RPP-N lawmakers gathered in front of Speaker Nembang’s rostrum and started chanting slogans for around 10 minutes.

“Your manner was not right. If you do not present the proposal, the blame will be on you that you did not do it yourself,” Speaker Nembang told Thapa in a convincing tone.

Thapa then changed his mind, presented the proposal again and apologized, too, standing in the rostrum.

“First of all, I would like to ask for your apology. As it was a crucial issue, I was distracted by emotion,” Thapa said.

Speaker Nembang then instructed the parliament secretariat to remove the altercation part from the audio-visual record, saying that Thapa has admitted it was due to emotional distraction.

After Thapa presented the proposal, the discussion continued regularly in the House.

Participating in the discussion over Thapa’s proposal, Chairperson of Rastriya Janmorcha, Chitra Bahadur KC said it was unfortunate that the Nepali Congress and CPN-UML did not bring the proposal on local bodies’ election.

“Instead, the RPP-N had to bring the proposal, that too with fear.”

“Those, who say the election of local bodies will obstruct the constitution making process, had earlier burned the office buildings of local bodies. Of those offices, not even 10 percent are in existence now. How could those comrades support the proposal of Thapa?” KC said, targeting towards the UCPN (Maoist).

KC further said those who have very little knowledge about federalism have also been commenting that the local bodies’ election would affect the constitution. “Their logic is funny. Local bodies’ election is a must for good governance and corruption control. Thapa’s proposal is, therefore, justful.”

In today’s parliamentary meeting, the lawmakers also drew the attention of the government towards the heinous cases of rape and delay in providing relief to flood victims.

Lawmakers demanded tough law including life imprisonment with seizure of all properties for the cases of rape, which they said are unnaturally growing in the country. In the rape cases, girl child aged five to elderly women aged 70 are becoming the victims, they said.

Speaker Nembang then instructed the government to make its view clear to the parliament on this issue.

NC’s Dhanraj Gurung, UCPN (M)’s Hitraj Pandey, RPP-N’s Kunti Kumari Shahi and Rastriya Janmorcha’s Meena Pun, among others, took part in the discussion.



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