Tuesday, 3rd March 2015

Constitution brought by majority vote cannot fulfill country's needs: Bhattarai

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CPN (Maoist) leader Baburam Bhattarai said Friday that a Constitution without consensus cannot fulfill the country's needs.
In a conversation with journalists at Singha Durbar on Friday, Bhattarai, who is also the chairman of the parliament's Constitutional Political Dialogue and Consensus Committee, said that it is essential the Constitution be promulgated by consensus.  He said, a process-based constitution brought through a majority vote cannot address all sections of the society and thus cannot fulfill the needs of the country.

Bhattarai further said, "I am clear on my stand that the constitution has to be promulgated by consensus. Process is only a formality, which cannot address all the existing issues of the country."

He stressed the need to concentrate on consensus for a few additional days rather than falling back on process, if consensus is not reached by August 6.

According to the Constitution-making schedule, all contentious issues must be resolved within and sent to the constitutional committee by August 6.

Last minute consensus has become a trend with parties, but if all the parties come together, we can reach a consensus, Bhattarai added.

When asked for his view on CPN (Maoist) chairman Puspa Kamal Dhahal's statement that there would be no agreement until a high-level committee was formed, Bhattarai responded that since the four-point agreement had not been implemented, an atmosphere of distrust existed among parties.

Once the four-point agreement is implemented, environment will be favourable for consensus, he added.



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