Friday, 6th March 2015

Committee chiefs brief CA Chair Nembang on work progress

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Various committee chiefs of the Constituent Assembly (CA) on Sunday briefed the CA chair Subash Nembang on the work progress of their respective committees.

In a meeting held at his office, Nembang talked to the committee chairs on the progress made by them related to the constitution making process.

The committee chairs included Krishna Sitaula (Constitution Drafting Committee), Baburam Bhattarai (Dialogue and Consensus Committee), Bishnu Poudel (Documentation, Study and Conclusion Committee), Pratibha Rana (Capacity Building and Resource Management Committee) and Bharat Raj Gautam (Public Relation and Suggestion Collection Committee).

Similarly, the CA's vice chairs, general secretary and secretary along with the committee secretaries also participated in the briefing program.   

Meanwhile, the National Democratic Institute (NDI)'s Regional Director for Asia Program Peter Manikas and Political Party Programs Ivan Doherty visited CA chair Nembang at the latter's office today. They talked about constitution making process and the progress so far, it is learnt.



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