Sunday, 1st March 2015

New Constitution to be named "Constitution of Nepal"

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The meeting of Constitutional Political Dialogue and Consensus (CPDC) Committee at Singha Durbar, on Monday, decided to name the forthcoming Constitution- "Constitution of Nepal".

Prior to this, the smaller parties demanded that the new Constitution be named "Federal Democratic Constitution".

In the meeting, it was decided that after the promulgation of the name of the Constitution, the current national anthem and the emblem would be intact.

Chairman of the CPDC committee, Dr Baburam Bhattarai said that the meeting also agreed to make the Constitutional Council comprising five members- the Prime Minister, leader of the main opposition party, Speaker of the Parliament, Chief Justice of Nepal and a woman who has contributed significantly to the society.

The committee also agreed that the appointment of Ambassadors would follow an inclusive method.

Likewise, the meeting agreed that the Parliament would not be vacant after the promulgation of the new Constitution, until fresh elections are held.

The current legislature-parliament will act as the interim parliament until the first assembly-meeting post fresh elections.

According to the CA schedule, CDPC should reach consensus on all existing contentious issues by September 6.

If the parties fail to reach consensus by the stipulated time, legal provisions allow the Speaker to hold a voting process to settle all disputed issues.

The parties still hold opposing views on major contentious issues of Constitution like restructuring of the state, form of governance, judicial system, etc.



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