Monday, 2nd March 2015

Individual punished on criminal charge can’t be candidate for parliament now

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Individuals, who are punished on criminal cases, will no more be able to be the candidates for the election of parliament from here onward.

A meeting of the Constituent Assembly’s Political Dialogue Committee took a decision to this effect on Wednesday.
“All those penalized on criminal charges, including the charge of being a low character person, have been disallowed to be the candidates,” says Prem Bahadur Singh, a committee member.

“Except on the issues of the number of parliament member and electoral system, a consensus has been reached about other legislative issues.”

In today’s meeting, the major political parties proposed 151 members in the House, while smaller parties wanted the number of House members to be 245.

Political parties have disputes mainly on the forms of governance and state restructuring.

“The Committee will meet tomorrow (Thursday) to discuss state restructuring, forms of governance and judicial and electoral systems. Sitting whole day on the day after tomorrow (Friday), we will reach a consensus on these issues,” says Baburam Bhattarai, the committee’s chairperson.

As per the constitution writing timetable, an agreement has to be reached in all disputed issues by this Saturday (September 6).



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