Wednesday, 4th March 2015

RPPN objects to Big Parties' 'Arrogance'

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The Rastriya Prajatantra Party Nepal (RPPN) has objected to what it called -a limited number of parties trying to impose their brand of agreement on the Constituent Assembly.

Talking to the media after the party's parliamentary board meeting on Thursday, RPPN chairman Kamal Thapa said his party would not accept the agreement reached amongst a handful of political parties bypassing the Constituent Assembly.

He said the RPPN parliamentary board has expressed regrets over the 'conspiracies' being hatched by the large political parties completely ignoring the agenda raised by the fourth largest political force in the country and which had garnered nearly seven per cent of the total votes in the Constituent Assembly election, as the time for constitution writing approaches.

The meeting decided to strongly oppose this move of the big political parties in the Parliament and the Constituent Assembly and to register the party's dissent in writing in the parliamentary and CA committees.

Thapa claimed that the mentality of exclusion was maintained despite the party's readiness to adopt the maximum flexibility to the extent that its agendas regarding constitutional monarchy and local self-governance were addressed. RSS



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