Friday, 25th April 2014

Police arrest two absconding culprits on Everest Insurance scam

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Police have arrested two absconding individuals, Jagdish Agrawal and Gopal Agrawal, who are accused of fraud in Everest Insurance scam.

They were arrested in Dholahiti, Lalitpur by a special team of police on Friday. They are alleged of cheating Rs 25 million by involving themselves in duping, according to police.

The Agrawal duos spent the amount for personal purposes but received payment from Everest Insurance Company claiming that the expenses were official.

The scam has affected the investors, added the Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) of Police, which was involved in the probe.  

The CIB has already arrested the suspended chief executive officer of Everest Insurance, Kewal Krishna Shrestha and his follower, the then general manager, Anil Dhungel.



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