Wednesday, 16th April 2014

JEMC starts printing schoolbooks again after securing govt's loan

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The Janak Education Materials Centre (JEMC) has begun the printing of school textbooks again after receiving a loan from the government.

Earlier, citing budget crunch, it had halted the printing. There was no money even to buy the paper, it said, adding that the government has now provided Rs 15 million to restart the printing.

Managing Operator at JEMC, Anil Kumar Jha, said the book printing for the new academic year resumed. However, the loan the government has provided would help continue printing for one and half month only, he added.

So far, the JEMC has printed 7.5 million books. It must print 17.5 million more books to suffice the demand.

It has also begun the distribution of books. The book distribution began considering the upper hilly and mountainous districts such as Manang, Mustang and the Karnali zone. RSS



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