Friday, 6th March 2015

100 days: Adhikari couple's fast for justice

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The fast-unto-death of the Adhikari couple, demanding justice for the murder of their son Krishna Prasad Adhikari, has reached its 100th days.

Human Rights activists demanding justice for Adhikari couple by displaying placards near the Prime Minister's Office in Baluwatar, Saturday morning. Today is the 100th day of the hunger strike staged by Adhikari couple—Nanda Prasad and his wife Ganga Maya Adhikari - to exert pressure on the government to take action against those involved in the conflict-era murder of their son,  Krishna Prasad Adhikari. (Pic courtesy HURON)However, the state is apathetic to their demands.  Adhiraki couple--Nanda Prasad and his wife Ganga Maya from Phujel of Gorkha district have been staging fast-onto-death at Bir Hospital since October 25, 2013.

Their heart runs only with support of oxygen and saline.  They had earlier staged fast-unto-death strike for 48 days, ending it after the government’s commitment to address their demands.

However, the government’s continued ignorance to take the initiation to bring the murders to justice, forced them to start their hunger strike again.

After their deteriorating health condition, human rights defenders urged the government to save their life.

They made this appeal by organising an hour-long candle vigil, marking the 100th day of their strike at official residence of the chairperson of Interim Election Council Khil Raj Regmi on Saturday morning.

Speaking on the occasion, human rights activists Subodh Raj Pyakurel, Sudip Pathak, Charan Prasi, Amuda Shrestha, Dinesh Tripathi, among others demanded with the government to save their lives.

We will knock international community for justice if not provided the proper justice in the country, they warned.

They also demanded formation of two commission—Truth and Reconciliation, Disappearance commission as per the recent verdict of Supreme Court soon to address all cases of decade long conflict time.

Nanda Prasad had filed an FIR over the murder of his son Krishna Prasad Adhikari, to the police on June 6, 2004. Since then, Adhikari has seeking justice, protesting, and finally resorting to hunger strike.

The bodies of the two grieving parents are now frail, but their fight for justice remains strong.



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