Sunday, 1st March 2015

Goddess of knowledge and wisdom being worshiped today

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Saraswoti Puja, popularly known as Bashanta Panchami or Shree Panchami, is being celebrated across the nation by offering specials prayers to the Hindu goddess of knowledge and wisdom, Tuesday

Students, teachers,  writers, artists, musicians as well other devotees are worshiping Goddess Saraswoti on this special day  by thronging different temples devoted to the deity in the Kathmandu Valley and across the country since early morning today.

Parents also start introducing alphabets and numbers to their children and even admit their kids in schools on this auspicious day.

Special functions are also being organised in schools and colleges to worship the goddess of knowledge. Educational institutions across the country remain closed today to commemorate the day.

The day is also marked as Bashanta Panchami, which signifies the end of the winter and beginning of spring season.

Meanwhile, President Dr. Ram Baran Yadav  and Vice-President Pramananda Jha attended a special function organised at Bashantapur Durbar in Kathmandu to mark Bashanta Panchami. On the occasion, they received guard of honor after 'Bashanta shraban' (holy words read out by priests to announce the arrival of spring).



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