Friday, 6th March 2015

Make political parties’ financials transparent: EU EOM

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In the recommendation presented by the European Union Election Observation Mission (EU EOM) in its final report on the November CA election, the mission has said that there is a need to impose provisions that require disclosure of sources of funding for political parties to ensure financial transparency.

Chief Observer of EU Election Observation Mission Eva Joly (center) releases the mission’s final report on the November election in a press conference in Kathmandu, Friday.NN/RHThe EU EOM released its final report on Friday at a function in Kathmandu. The report provides comprehensive analysis of all aspects of the election including the legal framework, the work of electoral administration and voter registration. It also looks into the electoral campaign of the candidates, role of media, voting and tabulation. The report then offers recommendations for future elections.

EU EOM concludes that the elections were credible overall and that the Election Commission acted impartially and independently through the process.

“The quality of forthcoming elections and the confidence of voters depend significantly on the continued commitment of all stakeholders to advance electoral processes in Nepal,” said Eva Joy, the chief observer. “These processes have to be inclusive, transparent and credible. We hope our suggestion swill be of service to all Nepali citizens to build a peaceful and democratic future.”

The mission also recommends that measure in the PR category that will allow voters to be more decisive about who is elected. It also suggests amendment of quota rules to encourage participation of women and marginalised groups. The final report also offers suggestions on improving voter registration, reconciling figures, press freedom and on minimizing violation of code of conduct.

The mission will deployed 112 observers from 27 member states as well as Norway and Switzerland from 4 October to 11 December to observe polling, counting and tabulation of results of the elections.



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