Sunday, 1st March 2015

New AG Kunwar vows to curb corruption

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Newly-appointed Attorney-General Baburam Kunwar has pledged to zero maneuvering taking place in the criminal cases filed by the government.

He was appointed to the post on Monday after the President endorsed a recommendation made by Prime Minister Sushil Koirala.

At a press conference upon his appointment, advocate Kunwar said that there has been big deal of give-and-take between the police and government prosecutors in the run-up to settle criminal cases and expressed the commitment to outshine such unscrupulous tendencies to that end.

Noting that he would actively defend the government related cases, he pledged not to perform his duty under pressure with positive attitude and decorum.

His focus would be to get all employees in the Attorney General's Office to maintain discipline, he added.

Born in Sandhikharka of Arghakhanchi, Kunwar is an expert on criminal law and commercial law. He has been into the legal profession since 1999.

A meeting of the Democratic Lawyers' Association on Monday had recommended his name to the Prime Minister for the post.



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