Friday, 27th February 2015

Traffic checks to be stepped up during Holi festival

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The Metropolitan Traffic Police Division has informed that special checks will be carried out on the day of Holi festival for public safety.

Organising a press conference in Kathmandu, the Metropolitan Traffic Police Division said that the checks will be aimed at preventing accidents and ensuring that that traffic rules are followed.  

"The traffic police would establish 47 check points in the Kathmandu Valley in two phases since early morning and deploy emergency and mobile teams throughout the day," said DIG Keshav Adhikari at the conference.

DIG Adikari added that the traffic police would coordinate with the Nepal Police to make the checking more effective and that cases would be filed against those violating traffic rules. Strict measures will be taken against drunk driving, unsafe motorcycle riding and vehicles carrying extra passengers.

Nepal Police has been raising awareness on celebrating Holi properly and not using it as an excuse to eve-tease and harass people.

Holi festival is being celebrated on 16 March, Sunday this year.



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