Wednesday, 4th March 2015

Treatment centre in Arghakhanchi brings cheers to HIV infected

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The establishment of an antiretroviral treatment (ART) centre in Arghakhanchi district has caused a great relief to the HIV-infected in the district.

Earlier, the HIV-infected here had to travel up to Butwal and the capital to take ART in the absence of ART centre in their district which was a headache for them.

At present, 55 people are receiving ART in the district, Sakriya Sema Samaj district coordinator Balkrishna Khatri said. From here onward, the infected can receive the service from the district headquarters in Sandhikharka, he said. The organisation is working against the HIV.

The number of HIV-infected in the district is increasing day by day. So far, 116 infected have been identified and of them 57 are women and nine minors. 25 patients have already succumbed to HIV in the district, he added.

It is learnt Nepali migrant workers in India are the most responsible for the transmission of HIV in the district. Sarita is one of the victims (women) who contracted this virus from her husband.

"My husband who had been to India apparently for fulfilling needs of family and bringing happiness returned with HIV and transmitted it to me as well," she shared.

"It was very difficult for us to visit other areas to take regular ART services as we come from poor economic background and are struggling for two square meals. But, we are happy as we are getting this service in our own district from here on," she added.



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