Sunday, 1st March 2015

Border security post set up in Madi

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A border security post has been set up at Chharchhare in Madi, Chitwan nearby Indian border.

nepal-map-chitwanThe border security post of the Armed Police Force has been established to increase border security in the region.

A team has been deputed to the area this morning under the command of Armed Police Inspector, said Chief of Border Security Office, Chitwan Superintendant of Police Ganesh Thapa.

The team headed by Inspector Drona Dhakal comprises 30 armed police personnel, he informed. The armed police force will be mobilized to look after border security along the Nepal India border.

This is the second security post set up in Chitwan to look after border security. Earlier, a post was established in Bandarjhula of Chitwan last month.

Brigade commander of APF Central Region Rudra Brigade Shailendra Khanal said the force will work to ensure security along the border in close network with the people.



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