Saturday, 28th February 2015

Women launch anti-Chhaupadi campaign in West Surkhet

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Thanks to the public awareness, the women in Betan VDC in Surkhet district have begun demolishing Chhaupadi huts here. The Chhaupadi huts are the shelters for the women during menstrual period. Reasoning that they were facing tremendous health and physical risks while staying in the Chhaupadi huts, the women began this campaign.

VDC Secretary Sharan Baduwal said the campaign was launched in a bid to declare the VDC the Chhaupadi free within this mid April. Every house has the Chhaupadi hut which is being destroyed here, he said, adding that Ward No 2 of the VDC was already declared the Chhaupadi free.

Although such huts are destroyed at Ward No. 8 and 9 of the VDC, they are yet to be declared the Chhaupadi freed. VDC Secretary Baduwal claimed that he made the people socially aware about the women's health and physical risk and began this anti-Chhaupadi campaign.

The huts are therefore destroyed by the ward level drinking water and sanitation coordination committee. Chhaupadi is an ill social practice in the western Nepal.



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