Friday, 6th March 2015

TU seeks clarification with 104 teachers

Privacy Policy

The Tribhuvan University (TU) has been making preparations to ask clarification with 104 TU teachers for their involvement in private educational institutions without taking TU’s permission.

 A study carried out by a monitoring committee formed under the coordination of Rector, Prof Gunanidhi Neupane, on teachers of constituent campuses and research centres of TU found that 104 TU teachers are involved in private educational institutions without the University’s permission.

 Member secretary of the committee, Bishnu Kumar Maden, said that although the TU rules mentioned that teachers, who are taking TU’s services and facilities, could not teach in private educational institutions without its permission, 104 TU teachers are found involved in private educational institutions.

 The TU General Administration Division has forwarded investigation into it.Division Chief Bhola Dhakal said that the TU will decide the necessary action against the teachers on the basis of clarification.



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