Friday, 6th March 2015

People facing problem for lack of mortuary

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Problem has been surfaced for the postmortem due to lack of mortuary at the Darbang Primary Health Centre in Myagdi district.

Locals of western area in the district are compelled to take the bodies of those, who lost their lives in different incidents including accident, to the district headquarters, Beni, for the postmortem by spending a huge amount. Although the centre has required human resources for the same, the centre lacks physical infrastructure.

Darbanh bazaar is the centre of different 16 VDCs including Okarbot, Takam, Muna, Devisthan, Mudi, Gurja, Lulang, Marang, Bim, Niskot, Arman and Rum.

Auxiliary Nurse Midwife of the Darbang Primary Health Centre, Yammati Roka, said that locals of the area are compelled to take the bodies to the District Hospital, Beni, for postmortem by spending minimum Rs 10,000 due to lack of postmortem facility at the Centre.

She added that initiatives have been taken to build the mortuary at the Centre after locals raised the voices for the same.

Deputy Superintendent of Police, Janardan GC, said that it would be relief to the victims of the area and police if the mortuary is constructed at Darbang.



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