Wednesday, 4th March 2015

Hunting fee decreases at Dhorpatan Wildlife Reserve

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The only hunting wildlife reserve in Nepal, Dhorpatan Wildlife Hunting Reserve have decreased the royalty for hunting here.

The Wildlife Reserve has reduced the royalty after the number of foreigners coming here saw gradual fall.

The number of tourists arriving here dropped in the second hunting season as compared to the first season of the current fiscal year, according to Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve Office.

A hunter used to pay royalty of up to Rs 320,000 beginning from Rs 180,000 for hunting a Himalayan blue sheep.

This has been reduced to Rs 190,000 beginning from Rs 105,000 for permission to hunt the Himalayan blue sheep from this season.

It is learnt that the hunting agencies are not showing keen interest in lack of coordination with the foreign organisations and hunters and the number of visitors has dropped of late.



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