Saturday, 28th February 2015

Kumaripati-Jawalakhel Fest from April 26

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A Kumaripati Jawalakhel Mahotsav is to be organized in Lalitpur on April 25 and 26.

The festival organized by Jawalakhel Chamber of  Commerce and Jawalakhel Regional Environment Improvement Committee would take place along one-kilometer area stretching from Iti Chowk, Kumaripati, Taphalho, Manbawan to Jawalakhel area in Lalitpur district.

During the festival, a procession of Lalit Jyapu, who played vital role in bringing the Rato Machhindranath deity to Nepal will be demonstrated, said Chairman of the Festival Organizing Committee, Pushparatna Shakya.

Similarly, various local devis (goddesses) including the Kumaris will be invited and that the participants would be given opportunity to worship them, he added.

Besides these, the organizers have managed for organising various cultural performances that reflects the historical diversity of the district, he further said.

Also renowned artists and bands, Anil Shahi, Ciney Gurung, Kutumba, Anuprastha, X-Mantra, Dipak Bajracharya will present their performances.

The festival would include as many as 250 stalls of handicrafts and other different businesses. RSS



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