Friday, 6th March 2015

Implementation of tobacco control act whithering

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Various stakeholders have said the implementation of Tobacco Control and Regulation Act-2008 is withering due to open borders in Mahottari.

At a workshop organized by the District Health Office on anti-tobacco regulation, participating speakers said various tobacco substances such as paan parag, gutka and surti have been imported to Nepal via checkpoints of 13 VDCs of Mahottari district linked to Indian Madhubani and Sitamadhi districts.

They also accused the concerned monitoring authorities of being passive in devising their efforts to check rampant sale and consumption of tobacco imported from India in urban and rural parts of Mahottari for the weak implementation of the Act.

The unlawfully-imported spices items have also hit the market across the district, which has resulted in loss of public revenue of tens of thousands rupees.

The demand of tobacco substances is on the rise in tea shops, grocery and hotels. It is alleged that the police administration has been a mute spectator of the unlawful import of such substances in mass scale.

The workshop was attended by district-based health workers, media persons, security agencies chiefs and civil society leaders.



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