Friday, 6th March 2015

Asia Pacific level conference kicks off; policemen from 52 countries converge in Nepal

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The 17th Asia Pacific Federal Bureau of Investigation National Associates Association (FBINAA) retraining conference began in Kathmandu on Monday.

A total of 127 police investigation officers from 52 countries are participating in the conference organized jointly by the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation and Nepal Police. The conference is taking place for the first time in the whole of South Asia.

Inaugurating the conference, Prime Minister Sushil Koirala called for concerted efforts for strengthening the security of the people and their empowerment.

"The concept of security has undergone fundamental changes in recent times to include the security of the people and their empowerment. Security comes connected with the issues of peace and stability and nation's image, and development. We need joint and concerted efforts to ensure security. This is best guaranteed by pursuing inclusive and equitable development and respecting human dignity and diversity," PM Koirala observed.

Stating that national and international networks and joint ventures help to collaborate cohesively to secure public freedom and safeguard fundamental human rights from terrorism and trans-national crimes including human trafficking and narcotic drugs, he called upon the networks working across the borders to ensure safety, and protect dignity of people and promote peace, and prosperity.

The role of timely information and cooperation in pooling the information and resources together is vital in the process, he said.

Prime Minister Koirala expressed the confidence that the security networks would remain professionally vigilant with cooperation and work to contribute towards empowering people. He wished success to the conference in further growing cooperation and contributing to law enforcement, crime investigation, and ensuring social stability and thus protecting the justice systems.

Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister, Bamdev Gautam, U.S. Ambassador to Nepal Peter W Bodde, Assistant Director of F.B.I., John Boles, Inspector General of Police Upendra Kant Aryal, Assistant Inspector General of Police Kesh Bahadur Shahi, among other speakers underlined the need of synergetic efforts of the police forces all over the world for combating crimes like human trafficking, drug trafficking and cyber crimes.

The annual conference was held in Thailand last year. Nepal has been constantly participating in the conference since 2005.

The objective of the conference is to provide retraining to police officers who have taken this training from F.B.I. before this. So far, only 11 Nepal Police officers have taken training from the F.B.I. The conference will conclude on May 22.



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