Monday, 2nd March 2015

190 freed Kamaiyas families get landowner certificates in Kailali

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Landowner certificates have been distributed to 190 families of freed Kamaiyas, living in three camps at Bhajani VDC in Kailali district.
The Freed Kamaiya Resettlement District Committee distributed the landowner certificate to the freed Kamaiya families of ward no 1, 3 and 6 of the VDC.
Chief at the District Land Reforms Office, Kailali, Laxman Kathayat, said that 44 families of Bhajani-3, 92 of Bhajani-6 and 54 of Bhajani-1 were provided with landowner certificate.
Freed Kamaiyas families living at Bhajani-Sukhad road section were provided with two katthas of land each and other families have got three-five katthas of land as per the standard of land.
According to the Office, out of 8,910 freed Kamaiyas families in the district, 527 are still to be resettled.



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