Thursday, 5th March 2015

'Gender-based violence media monitoring ' report published

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A gender-based violence media monitoring report prepared by the Sancharika Samuha Nepal (an organisation of women journalists) has been launched.

The organisation unveiled the report by organising a press meet in the capital Tuesday. The report is about the coverage of  cases of gender-based violence in 15 national dailies like the Kantipur, Nagarik, Naya Patrika, Gorkhapatra, Rajdhani, Annapurna Post and Nepal Samacharpatra, among others, over a period of three months (from mid-January to mid-March).  

Of the 1,038 cases of gender-based violence reported in the national dailies in this period, most are related to rape which numbers 149.  Likewise, 124 are related to domestic violence, 124 about superstition (Chhaupadi, Deuki, and Badi), and 102 are related to human trafficking and 34 to witchery, the report shows.

When we go through the report, we find that women are unsafe at own home as they fall prey to violence against them at the hands of their own kin. Besides, the news about women violence is not a big and important issue for newspapers. If any woman loses her life due to violence against her, that news gets little space that also only in the fifth page of newspapers, the report states.   

On the occasion, Samhua chairperson Nirmala Sharma sought a media role to provide justice to victims of women violence and to punish the perpetrators.

According to a survey conducted by the Office of Prime Minister and Council of Ministers in 2012 AD, 48 per cent women suffer violence against them at one or other time in their life. Likewise, 16.6 per cent women are forced for marital rape.

Nepali Police Women and Children Service Directorate's report for 2013-014 AD presents that   18,000 cases of women violence including rape, attempted rape, trafficking, forced abortion and polygamy occurred in the country.



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