Tuesday, 3rd March 2015

Paleti pays tributes to late artistes to mark 10th annual program

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Paleti has observed its 10th annual musical program amid presentations from various artistes in Kathmandu on Friday.

This year’s program was a tribute to late singers and artistes of Nepal.

The program began with the song ‘timile pani ma jastai’ by singer Meena. Famous singer (late) Narayan Gopal had originally sung this song. The lyrics were written by Bhim Birag.

The next song ‘hijo aaja sadhai’ was dedicated to original singer Phattenman, who passed away last year. This song was sung by Paleti convenor Aavas and Meena, turn by turn.

Singer Meena again sang a song of yet another late artiste Ramman Trishit titled as ‘maile punya man paraye’ . Tributes were also paid to famous lyricist Hari Bhakta Katwal during the program.

Famous singer Prem Dhoj Pradhan also attended the function.



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