Thursday, 5th March 2015

More than 4,000 children deprived of vaccines in Bajura

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More than 4,000 children of 11 VDCs in the north-east area in Bajura district have been deprived of vaccines, which were to be administrated this month.

Children of 11 VDCs including Bichchhya, Rugin, Bandhu, Jagannath, Gotri, Jukot and Kolti, among others, were deprived of vaccines after the rainfall triggered landslide on June 7 swept away all the medicines kept at Kolti Primary Health Centre.

The landslide had completely destroyed the health centre where all the vaccines sent by the District Health Office, Bajura, for all VDCs were kept.

Auxiliary Nurse Midwife at the Kolti Primary Health Centre, Deuma Dhami, said that the children up to five years need to be immunized with DPT, BCG, polio and other vaccines but the landslide swept away all the medicines.

It takes three days trek to reach Kolti from the area and lies around 128 kilometers away from the district headquarters.

The Kolti Primary Health Centre distributes all the medicines provided by the District Health Office, Bajura, to all the health institutions in the area.

In-charge at the Jagannath Health Centre, Parash Shahi, said that the number of patients visiting the health centre has increased due to rising mercury level. They face problem in providing health services due to the lack of medicines.
Spokesperson at the District Health Office, Bajura, Ram Chandra Yadav, said "We can resume the vaccination service within a month if the Health Ministry makes arrangement of budget for the same."



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