Monday, 26th January 2015

Minister Yadav takes note of govt failure in SLC; expresses commitment to resolve problems

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Minister for Education, Chitra Lekha Yadav, has expressed her commitment to settle all problems facing the education sector including failure in SLC results, stressing that top leaders of political parties are ready for it.

Speaking at the meeting of the Women, Children, Senior Citizen and Social Welfare Committee under the Legislature-Parliament on Sunday, Minister Yadav acknowledged that the School Leaving Certificate (SLC) examinations result could not give return as per the expectation in this year's SLC.

Minister Yadav said it was necessary to resolve the problems long existing in this sector.

Minister Yadav said solidarity from the political parties is a must to free Universities from political interference.

"Trend of padlocking the universities in any pretext was flourishing and that the Ministry was seeking support from the Committee and the political parties to end such interferences," Yadav said.

She said that education was important to develop the nation and make it prosperous and stressed on the need of allocating necessary budget to the sector.

Sharing that the Ministry of Finance has notified her that it could not allocate Rs 4 billion to the education sector, she said the current budget set aside for education was not sufficient.



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