Friday, 6th March 2015

Dalit settlement in Jajarkot faces food shortage

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A Dalit settlement in Bayakanda of Bhagawati VDC-4 in Jajarkot district has been reeling under food shortage for the past one month.

Around 500 members of 92 households in the settlement have been hit hard due to food shortage.  The settlement faces food crisis every year as there is no fertile land in the area.

A local Tej Bahadur BK said they have been compelled to buy rice after taking loan at five per cent interest from businessmen.

BK complained that the locals visit Chauk-based depot of the Nepal Food Corporation walking five hours distance, but are compelled to return home empty hands.

Similarly, another local Karna Bahadur Kami said they have no access to rice sent by NFC and added that the life of the settlement is painful as there is no income generation sources.   

The leaders of the settlement have demanded 200 quintals of rice with the NFC after food shortage in the settlement.

The NFC said it could not supply the subsidized food in the settlement as food grain quotas for the area has come to an end.



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