Friday, 6th March 2015

UPDATE: Additional two blasts conducted at landslide dammed lake

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Nepal Army personnel have carried out two additional blasts at the blocked Sunkoshi River Monday to provide a safe passage to the water flow and avoid an outburst.

The NA personnel are jointly continuing the operations along with Nepal Police and the locals at Jure, Sindhupalchok, where a massive landslide took place on Saturday. A three km long reservoir was created by the landslide, blocking the river’s path.

“The NA personnel cautiously carried out two blasts today in addition to two blasts yesterday,” says Yadav Koirala, Chief of Disaster Management Divison, Ministry of Home Affairs.  

“The water flow has improved after the blasts, compared to the previous day. The blasts have reduced potential dangers to certain extent.”

Keeping in mind the damages that can be caused by a huge single outburst of water, the security forces are operating carefully in the area.

More than 2 million (estimated) cusecs of water has gathered in the natural dam. The residents of the neighbourhood have been evacuated to secure the low lying areas considering the potential hazards an outburst could pose.

The government has already alerted the local residents to move 200 metres above the river.




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