Tuesday, 3rd March 2015

Death toll reaches 156, as 123 missing declared dead

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The death toll in Jure landslide has reached 156 on Wednesday, as the local administration office has declared the 123 missing people dead.

The District Administration Office, Sindhupalchok says the decision was taken as there was very little hope of finding anyone alive anymore. Declaring them dead allows the office to start the process of distribution of compensation to families.

Chief District Officer (CDO) Gopal Prasad Parajuli says that the families of the missing and local representatives have also been asking for the declaration, so that they can start the process of performing the last rites.

Once a missing person is legally declared dead, the families, according to Hindu tradition, will perform last rites on them represented on a figure from kush grass and cremate the figure.

The administration has already started distributing compensation to families of some of those who died in the landslide. As of Wednesday noon, 33 bodies were recovered.

Meanwhile, the administration has started the process of distributing assistance to victims of the landslide and those displaced by the subsequent damming of the Sunkoshi River.

The administration evacuated nearly 5,000 people living around the banks of Sunkoshi River. Sindupalchowk CDO Parajuli says the administration has distributed 62 sacks of rice, 17 sacks of pulse, nine sacks of salt and bread and other food.



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