Friday, 6th March 2015

General strike affects Normal life in nine eastern districts

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A banda (general strike) called by various groups demanding a Limbuwan state, workers and bus entrepreneurs has affected the life in the nine districts east of the Arun River.

The Limbuwan groups call Shrawan 22 (August 7) 'Black Day', saying it was the date on which Limbu autonomy in the region was encroached.

Similarly, labourers who extract sand and stones from rivulets also called for Koshi area-wide  banda on Thursday against a July 17 ban on quarrying and export of sand, pebbles and other construction materials from these areas.

Bus entrepreneurs, on the other hand, announced the Mechi-Koshi banda owing to a dispute between Ujyalo Bus Entrepreneurs' Association and Mechi Transport Entrepreneurs' Association.

The Mechi Bus Entrepreneurs' Association has been protesting the approval of registration of a new bus entrepreneurs' association.

Long-route vehicles and trucks are operating their services while short-route traffic has stopped.

The stop in flow of traffic has hit locals hard. Educational institutions, factories and shops are also affected due to the banda.



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