Friday, 30th January 2015

Water crosses 'warning levels' at Saptakoshi

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Increase in activity of monsoon rains since Tuesday's has sent water levels up in Saptakoshi River. According to Sunsari Chief District Officer Sudarshan Dhakal, the water has been flowing at 274,000 Cusec (cubic meters per second).

At the Koshi Barrage, flow touched 200,000 Cusec so 38 of the 56 sluices at the barrage have been opened, Dhakal said.

The current flow is higher than when the river breached its eastern shores in 2008 causing massive floods in Nepal and India. The flow was recorded at 168,000 Cusec back then.

According to Meteorological Forecasting Division's data, water levels were at 6.25 meters at 2 p.m. local time. This is much higher than the 'Warning Level' of 5.60 meters. The division puts 6.80 meters as a 'Danger Level'.

Red warning flags were hoisted on both side of the barrage to inform people around the area of potential threat.

The rise in levels has not yet done any damage, but there is still risk of water overflowing the barrage dam or breaching its embankments, so the authorities are maintaining a high level of vigilance, Dhakal said.

 The Koshi Barrage can handle a flow of up to 900,000 Cusec.



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