Friday, 27th February 2015

Death toll of Dang landslide and flood reaches 13

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The death toll of Dang landslide and flood reached 13 after seven more bodies were found on Saturday.

Four members of a single family are still missing, chief of Area Police Office, Tulsipur, said.

Bodies of nine-year-old Lila Khatri of Duruwa-1, Sunita Dangi, 42, of Goltakuri-3, Chetram Upadhyay of Deukhuri, Sher bahadur Oli, 60, of Dhanauri-2 and his wife Khali Oli and their 12-year-old daughter Asmita Oli were found on Saturday.

The identity of a man found dead on Chiraghat rivulet at Shantinagar on Saturday has not been ascertained yet.

Likewise, the condition of four members of a single family--Bel Bahadur Kunwar, 45, his wife Mankali Kunwar, 43, their ten-year-old son, Shovaram Kunwar and eight-year-old son Khimlal Kunwar, of Panchakule-8 is still unknown.

Ramesh Kunwar, eldest son of Bel Bahadur, said the flood in Babai river swept away his father, mother and two brothers along with house on Thursday.

Ramesh was safe as he had gone to his aunt's house that day.

Property worth millions of rupees was destroyed and 125 houses were swept away. More than 200 houses were waterlogged by the flood in Babai River in Dang.  




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