Thursday, 5th March 2015

Devotees throng Baghbhairab temple in Kirtipur

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Baghbhairab Jatra being observed at Baghbhairab Temple, Kirtipur, on the occasion of Singha Sankranti on Sunday. A palanquin-procession is carried out on this day, carrying a replica of Baghbhairab, making a round of Kirtipur area. (NN/Narayan Maharjan).Devotees thronged Kirtipur-based Baghbhairab Temple on the occasion of Baghbhairab Jatra, or Singha Sankranti on Sunday.

People believe that they are bestowed with success and good health if they make 108 rounds of the Baghbhairab temple on this day, said Kirtipur Jatra Festival Management Committee Member, Birendra Shakya.

On the occasion, local residents worship Baghbhairab and organize a palanquin procession playing different musical instruments.



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