Wednesday, 4th March 2015

Gaddachauki border entry on high alert

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Gaddachauki, the main border check point of far-western region, is on high alert after there were reports of fatal Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) touching on New Delhi, India.

New Delhi is only 331 kilometres away from Gaddachauki.

Chief District Officer of Kanchanpur, Krishna Chandra Ghimire, said that border security authorities are on high alert with the objective of preventing the fatal Ebola virus transmission

He added that they have directed the immigration office to increase surveillance at the border entry point.

Immigration Assistant at the Gaddachauki-based Immigration Office, Shekharnath Ojha, said they were directed to scrutinize carefully and screen the people for a possible EVD infection, before providing visas to people visiting Nepal from Ebola affected countries.

Public awareness campaign was launched at the border entry point from Tuesday to inform about the disease.

According to the office, the Immigration Office of India, located at Banbasa Bridge, also adopted alertness and added that Nepali authorities will visit the Indian immigration office, on Wednesday, for coordination.

A team of health workers from the District Public Health Office were stationed at Gaddachauki from Wednesday.


The District Public Health Office, Parsa set up a Health Desk in the border transit point in Parsa to prevent the entry of the Ebola virus in Nepal, on Wednesday.

The District Public Health Office stated that the health desk was established to screen foreign tourists and Nepalis, coming from abroad, for possible Ebola virus infection.

Five health workers were assigned at the health desk. RSS



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