Tuesday, 3rd March 2015

49 missing in Surkhet disaster declared dead

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Forty-nine individuals missing in the floods and landslides that ravaged Surkhet district in mid-August have been declared dead.

The missing people were out of contact for at least two weeks, following three days' incessant rainfall that resulted in massive flooding and landslides.

The families of those who went missing performed funerals after the announcement, according to disaster management committees of various VDCs of the district.

The dead were identified by their families and friends.

The families of the missing lot had given up every hope of their relatives' rescue. The funeral rites were carried out by the families, says Amarsi Tamta of Galfa, Tatopani. `

“The local disaster management committee after making an understanding with the relatives and family members of the missing ones made the announcement of deaths and sent recommendations for relief to us,” says Dil Bahadur Ghimire, Chief District Officer, Surkhet.



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