Saturday, 28th February 2015

Three national record set in National Weightlifting Championship

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Three national records have been set in the 21st Men´s and 6th Women´s National Weightlifting Championship under the First Lumbini National Championship that concluded in the capital on Thursday.

weighlifting Taradevi Pun of Nepal Police Club improved her own record in the above 75 kg by lifting 159 kg which includes 67 kg in snatch and 92 kg in clean and jerk. Her previous record was 157 kg including 66 kg in snatch and 91 kg in clean and jerk recorded during the second Grand Prix Weightlifting Championship last year.

Dinesh Shrestha of Tribhuvan Army Club also set a new record in 94 kg snatch by lifting 111 kg. Previous record was 110 kg set by Gopal Bahadur Shrestha during the 8th South Asian Games.

In the first day of the tournament, Nepal Army’s Kamal Adhikari had also improved his own record by lifting additional one kg as he had set the national record of 115 kg in the 5th National Games.




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