Saturday, 28th February 2015

Nepal body builders bring three golds home

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133172984 13943721250281nA three-member Nepali team of body builders returned home on Thursday, securing gold medals from the 10th South Asian Body Building Championship held recently in Lahore, Pakistan.

Sujan Tamang defeated four in the males' category under the 60-kg weight group. Gyan Narayan achieved the gold medal under the 65-kg weight group. He defeated five players.

With these, Nepal's number of gold medal in this game has reached six.

In the match, Nepal, Afghanistan, Bhutan, Pakistan, Maldives and India had participated. Nepal became the third team to get the gold medal.

They were welcomed by Bijay Lal Kayastha and Narayan Pradhan, Vice-Chairpersons of Nepal Body Building and Fitness Association, Secretary Dinesh Rajbhandari, and office bearers, players, trainers and family members.




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