Tuesday, 3rd March 2015

Private sector comes ahead to build cricket ground in Dhangadhi

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Works have begun for the construction of a cricket ground in Dhangadhi of Kailali district at the initiatives of the private sector.

Sports enthusiasts and police personnel of the Armed Police Force (APF) are now engaged in constructing the ground on the bank of the Mohana river at Boradada.

Ram Chandra Shrestha, a local, said that different infrastructures including the entrance, were underway to turn the bank, known as Phapla, into a playground.

Students of schools and colleges are attracted towards the cricket game since the past few years. At present, they are compelled to play cricket in farmlands for lack of a playground.

The playground has around 30 bighas of area and is suitable in environmental point of view.

Chairman of the Shangadhi Cricket Academy, Subhas Shahi, said that they would urge the government for the ownership of the land, as it is the public land.  

Mapping of the ground has been completed to build it into an international standard ground, Shahi added.

There would no problem of the cricket playground after the construction of the Regional Stadium under the ownership of the Sports Development Committee.



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