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Tamrakar Invitational badminton from August 16

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The Third Tamrakar Invitational Badminton Tournament 2014 will be held in Lalitpur from August 16 to August 23, 2014.

The eight-day event will feature only men's doubles including Level ‘A’ and Level ‘B’, according to the organiser Youth and Sports Sub-committee.

Level ‘A’ will include 13 senior pairs while Level ‘B’ will have 14 amateur pairs, BImal Tamrakar, the coordinator of the event, says.

The winning pair in each category will bag Rs 10,000 while the runners-up duo in each level will win Rs 6,000.

The event will also feature 5 km and 3 km races on the final day.

The estimated cost of organising the event is Rs 350,000, the organisers say.



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