Friday, 18th April 2014

IAEA visit to Arak nuclear facility proves Iran's transparency: lawmakers

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The recent visit of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) inspectors to Iran's Arak heavy water reactor is an indication of Iran's transparency, Iranian lawmakers were quoted as saying by local media on Monday.

The secretary of National Security and Foreign Policy Commission of Iran's Majlis (parliament), Mohammad-Hassan Asfari, told official IRNA news agency that "the IAEA inspectors' visit to the Arak reactor is in line with Iran's transparency and sincerity in its peaceful nuclear activities."

The inspectors visited Arak site on Sunday and nothing was noticed violating the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), Asfari was quoted as saying.

In addition, Hossein Naqavi-Hosseini, the rapporteur of National Security and Foreign Policy Commission of Majlis, hailed what he also called Iran's transparency in its nuclear activities, according to Tasnim news agency.

However, "there are some concerns that information about our nuclear activities might be leaked through these inspections," said Naqavi-Hosseini.

"There is also a fear that the spying agencies might gain access to (Iran's nuclear) information," he said, adding that it could have been better if recent Geneva nuclear deal had included confidentiality of information that the IAEA receives about Iran's nuclear program.

Meanwhile, pro-conservative Fars news agency wrote on Monday that the visit of the IAEA inspectors to Arak facilities is an indication of Iran's commitment to its obligations to the UN nuclear watchdog.

It is also a gesture of Iran's goodwill in practice, said Fars.

Iranians are waiting to see if the pressures on Iran will be lessened or not, it said.

The two-member team of inspectors of the IAEA left Iran early on Monday after they visited Iran's Arak heavy water reactor on Sunday.

The visit to the Arak plant was followed by the agreement between Iran and the IAEA on Nov. 11, whereby Iran allowed the UN nuclear watchdog's inspectors to visit central Arak heavy water plant and Gachin yellow cake mine in southern Iran. Tehran (Xinhua)



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