Monday, 2nd March 2015

13 killed as van falls into ravine in Pakistan-controlled Kashmir

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At least 13 people were killed and 14 others injured when a passenger van fell into ravine in Pakistan-controlled Kashmir on early Sunday morning, local media reported. ARY News said that the ill-fated van with over 30 people on board was on its way to the country's north Rawalpindi city when it met the accident in Bagh area of Kashmir.

The injured people have been shifted to a nearby hospital where at least eight of them are said to be in critical condition.Cause of the accident is not known yet, but police believes that bad weather and negligence of driver might be the reason of the tragic accident.

Pakistan is among the countries having worst record of fatal traffic accidents, mainly due to poor roads, lack of driving skills, badly maintained vehicles and violation of road safety rules.Traffic police officials say that 90 percent of the accidents in the country take place due to human error.  ISLAMABAD, July 13 (Xinhua)



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