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Pakistan's Imran Khan to cross "Red Zone" on Tuesday

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Imran Khan, centre, gestures during an address to his supporters in Lahore, Pakistan, in this photo taken on August  13, 2014. (AP Files/KM Chaudary)An opposition leader in Pakistan announced late Monday that he would lead his marchers into the high security "Red Zone" on Tuesday, and the announcement has raised concerns over a possible confrontation with the law enforcement agencies.

Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan said that the marchers will be dealt with iron hand if they tried to enter the Red Zone which houses diplomatic missions and key buildings.

The authorities have deployed nearly 35,000 paramilitary troops, police and other forces to protect the sensitive areas.

Khan told his supporters in Islamabad that he will remain at the front of the marchers and will face the police if they tried to block them from moving ahead.

"I invite all Pakistanis to accompany me to Parliament House, Prime Minister House," he added.

Supporters of Imran Khan pray for their leader's success at a rally in Islamabad, Pakistan, in this photo taken on August 16, 2014. (AP Files/BK Bangash)Imran Khan also defended his call last night to launch a civil disobedience movement to oust Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif from power.

He said that civil disobedience movement was a peaceful weapon to win freedom.

"This movement will bring Nawaz Sharif on his knees," he said.

Khan said he doesn't want his supporters to indulge in violence. "I would have felt sorry if any of my supporters would have been killed in violence," he said.

PTI had earlier announced that it quit the National Assembly and two provincial assemblies.

"We don't recognize assemblies which have been formed through rigging," Khan said. ISLAMABAD, Aug 18(Xinhua)



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