Friday, 6th March 2015

Lebanese citizen "executed" by IS

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A Lebanese citizen was executed by militants from the "Islamic State" on Thursday, around a week after they beheaded a Lebanese army sergeant in the Bekaa border town of Arsal, the National News Agency (NNA) reported.

An armed group from the terrorists executed the citizen named Kayed Ghadada, NNA said, adding that Ghadada was kidnapped from the town less than a week ago.

NNA did not release the reasons of the execution nor the place it happened, but other media reports claimed Ghadada was executed he belonged to Hezbollah. Security sources refused to confirm or deny the report to Xinhua.

On Aug. 2, fierce battles erupted between the Lebanese army and Syrian Islamist gunmen who infiltrated the border town of Arsal following the arrest of Imad Jomaa, a leader in al-Waeda linked " al-Nusra Front."

At least 18 soldiers were killed during the clashes and 86 others were injured, and 33 soldiers and Internal Security Forces members were reported missing.

On Wednesday, Lebanon received the beheaded body of Sergeant Ali Assayed, who was among the soldiers kidnapped by the gunmen and was laid to rest on Thursday, triggering a high sense of resentment among the families of the abducted.

The families of the kidnapped staged a sit-in on Thursday next to the Government headquarters in Beirut and warned of "strife" if their beloved ones are not released. BEIRUT, Sept. 4 (Xinhua)



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