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Your Day Today - By Raghav Lohani
Wednesday, July 23 2014. Shrawan 07 2071, Shrawan Krishna Duwadashi.
This horoscope is based on the Lunar Calendar or according to your Nepali birth names.
MESH/ARIES (chu,che,cho,la,li,le,lo,aa)

New friend can join your circle. There can be delay in scheduled program. Expenditure can incur above your expectation.

BRISH/TAURUS (ee,uu,ae,oo,wa,we,wu,whe,woh)

Regular gain will help in consolidating your financial position. You will be attracted toward recreational activities rather than work.

MITHUN/GEMINI (ka,ki,ku,gha,yan,chha,ke,ko,ha)

Expenditure can rise. Business may not produce adequate return. Dear ones will help you accomplish your task.

KARKAT/CANCER (hi,hu,he,ho,da,di,du,do)

Financial status will improve. Family will cooperate when needed.   Business related investment can increase.

SIMHA/LEO (ma,mi,mu,me,mo,ta,ti,tu,te)

Writing skill will improve. Hard effort will guide you toward goal. You will derive impressive return from the trade and profession.

KANYA/VIRGO (to,pa,pi,pu,sha,ana,tha,pe,po)

Religious activities can take place during the day. Undertaken assignments will complete successfully. Prevailing doubts and confusion will not cause any damage.

TULA/LIBRA (ra,ri,ru,re,ro,ta,ti,tu,et)

Expenditure level is expected to rise during the day. Health disorder is predicted. Business may not produce adequate return.

BRISCHIK/SCORPIO (to,na,ni,nu,ne,no,ya,yi,yu)

You will be able to enjoy pleasant company of interesting people.
Investment will generate some return. Entertaining day as recreational incidents such as parties can occur. 

DHANU/SAGITTARIUS (yo,ye,bha,bhi,bhu,dha,pha,ddha,bhe)

Major tasks will complete successfully. Business may not provide adequate return. Opponents will fail in their conspiracy against you.

MAKAR/CAPRICORN (bho,ja,ji,ju,je,kha,khi,khu,khe, kho,ga,gi)

Think carefully before making decision. Work may not complete as quickly as you may have expected. Be careful especially while signing important documents. 

KUMBHA/AQUARIUS (gu,ge,go,sa,si,su,se,so,da)

An ordinary day is in store for you. Health disorder is predicted. Businessmen may have to tackle some restraints.

MEEN/PISCES (di,du,tha,jha,yan,de,do,cha,chi)

Major tasks will complete successfully. Trade and profession both will turn profitable. High motivation will guide you ahead.  

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