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Your Day Today - By Raghav Lohani
Thursday, October 30 2014. Kartik 13 2071, Ashwin Krishna Saptami.
This horoscope is based on the Lunar Calendar or according to your Nepali birth names.
MESH/ARIES (chu,che,cho,la,li,le,lo,aa)

Undertaken assignments will complete successfully. Friends will provide valuable support. Seniors will praise your hard work. 

BRISH/TAURUS (ee,uu,ae,oo,wa,we,wu,whe,woh)

An improved day is in store for you.  Study will take progressive course.  Some of you may find yourself interested in philanthropic activities.

MITHUN/GEMINI (ka,ki,ku,gha,yan,chha,ke,ko,ha)

Anxiety can arise. Study will take progressive course. Some of you may have to endure health disorder.

KARKAT/CANCER (hi,hu,he,ho,da,di,du,do)

You will be fascinated toward amusement rather than work. Study requires additional effort. Some of you can meet friends after a long gap.

SIMHA/LEO (ma,mi,mu,me,mo,ta,ti,tu,te)
Think carefully before making decisions. Students will have to work harder. Opponents can remain active.
KANYA/VIRGO (to,pa,pi,pu,sha,ana,tha,pe,po)
Dear ones will help you accomplish your task. Income can be lower than your expectation. You will maintain progress in the academic sector. 
TULA/LIBRA (ra,ri,ru,re,ro,ta,ti,tu,et)

Think cautiously before making decision. You may even have to tolerate health disorder. Try your best to stay away from controversial matters.

BRISCHIK/SCORPIO (to,na,ni,nu,ne,no,ya,yi,yu)
Enthusiasm will rise during the day. Recreational cause can increase expenditure. You will maintain progress in the academic sector.
DHANU/SAGITTARIUS (yo,ye,bha,bhi,bhu,dha,pha,ddha,bhe)

Work will consume extra effort and time. Regular gain will help in consolidating your financial position. Unexpected delay in scheduled program can cause some concern.

MAKAR/CAPRICORN (bho,ja,ji,ju,je,kha,khi,khu,khe, kho,ga,gi)

An entertaining day is in store for you. You will be able to enjoy unexplored areas of life. Good food and company will make the day pleasant. 

KUMBHA/AQUARIUS (gu,ge,go,sa,si,su,se,so,da)

Expenditure will surpass income. Study requires additional effort. Try your best to avoid controversial issues. 

MEEN/PISCES (di,du,tha,jha,yan,de,do,cha,chi)
Day can be taken as an advantageous one. Major tasks will complete successfully. Regular gain will help in consolidating your financial position.

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