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Your Day Today - By Raghav Lohani
Friday, October 24 2014. Kartik 07 2071, Ashwin Krishna Pratipada.
This horoscope is based on the Lunar Calendar or according to your Nepali birth names.
MESH/ARIES (chu,che,cho,la,li,le,lo,aa)

Harsh statements of others can hurt your sentiment. Some of you may even hear unpleasant news.  Health can suffer.

BRISH/TAURUS (ee,uu,ae,oo,wa,we,wu,whe,woh)
Opponents can attempt to enfeeble your position. Inadequate support from family can create some problem. You will not lack courage and patience.
MITHUN/GEMINI (ka,ki,ku,gha,yan,chha,ke,ko,ha)

There can be slight delay in scheduled program.  Technical line will turn profitable. Support provided by others will help you overcome arising problem.

KARKAT/CANCER (hi,hu,he,ho,da,di,du,do)

Friends and family will provide appreciable support. Some of you can meet colleagues after a long gap. You will maintain progress in the technical sector. 

SIMHA/LEO (ma,mi,mu,me,mo,ta,ti,tu,te)
Day can be taken as ordinary one. Expenditure can rise and income will be lower than your expectation. You may have to overcome some obstacles in work.
KANYA/VIRGO (to,pa,pi,pu,sha,ana,tha,pe,po)
Entertaining incidents can occur. Day will provide some income. However students will have to pay more attention towards study.
TULA/LIBRA (ra,ri,ru,re,ro,ta,ti,tu,et)

Enthusiasm will rise. Profitable cause can increase expenditure. Assignment will advance ahead toward completion.

BRISCHIK/SCORPIO (to,na,ni,nu,ne,no,ya,yi,yu)
Generous feeling for others will be present within your mind. Some of you may find yourself involved in religious activities. Business will turn profitable.
DHANU/SAGITTARIUS (yo,ye,bha,bhi,bhu,dha,pha,ddha,bhe)

Think cautiously before making decisions. Support provided by family will help you overcome arising problems. Some you may have to endure health disorder.

MAKAR/CAPRICORN (bho,ja,ji,ju,je,kha,khi,khu,khe, kho,ga,gi)
Occurrence of misunderstanding with others cannot be denied so try your best to be polite with others especially with family members. You will be able to enjoy pleasant company of interesting people.
KUMBHA/AQUARIUS (gu,ge,go,sa,si,su,se,so,da)

Hard work will be the main key to success. Expenditure can rise. Friends as well as family will provide appreciable support.

MEEN/PISCES (di,du,tha,jha,yan,de,do,cha,chi)
Assignments will advance ahead toward completion.  Social prestige will rise.  Lack of support from family can create some problem.

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