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Your Day Today - By Raghav Lohani
Friday, August 01 2014. Shrawan 16 2071, Shrawan Sukla Panchami.
This horoscope is based on the Lunar Calendar or according to your Nepali birth names.
MESH/ARIES (chu,che,cho,la,li,le,lo,aa)

Expenditure level is likely to rise. Try your best to be polite while dealing with others. You may have to overcome some obstacles at job.

BRISH/TAURUS (ee,uu,ae,oo,wa,we,wu,whe,woh)
Personal wit and skill will guide you toward destination. Major tasks will complete successfully as a result of your dedicated effort.
MITHUN/GEMINI (ka,ki,ku,gha,yan,chha,ke,ko,ha)

Success without struggle is unlikely. Some of you may even have to endure health disorders. You may have to tackle some restraints.

KARKAT/CANCER (hi,hu,he,ho,da,di,du,do)

You will retain high level of confidence. Recreational events can increase expenditure. Friends will cooperate at the time of need.

SIMHA/LEO (ma,mi,mu,me,mo,ta,ti,tu,te)

Day is likely to provide some income. Friends and family both sides will provide appreciable support. You will have work hard in order to retain progress.

KANYA/VIRGO (to,pa,pi,pu,sha,ana,tha,pe,po)

Entertaining events can take place during the day. Family will cooperate during the time of need. You will maintain progress in the technical sector.

TULA/LIBRA (ra,ri,ru,re,ro,ta,ti,tu,et)

Success without struggle is unlikely.  Expenditure can rise. Family may not provide adequate support.

BRISCHIK/SCORPIO (to,na,ni,nu,ne,no,ya,yi,yu)

Regular gain will help in consolidating your financial position.  You will maintain progress in technical sector. Entertaining events will also occur during the day.

DHANU/SAGITTARIUS (yo,ye,bha,bhi,bhu,dha,pha,ddha,bhe)

Undertaken obligation will complete successfully. Seniors will praise your hard work. Income is likely to be more than your expectation.

MAKAR/CAPRICORN (bho,ja,ji,ju,je,kha,khi,khu,khe, kho,ga,gi)

Lack of adequate support from others can impede your progress during the day. Generous feeling for others will be present. Some of you may even hear unpleasant news.

KUMBHA/AQUARIUS (gu,ge,go,sa,si,su,se,so,da)

Anxiety can arise. You may have to complete weary tiresome assignments. Occurrence of misunderstanding with family member cannot be denied.

MEEN/PISCES (di,du,tha,jha,yan,de,do,cha,chi)
Recreational incident will occur. Dear ones will help you accomplish your task.  Technical line will turn profitable.

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